Thursday, February 14, 2008

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and Representative Adam Hasner stand up to CAIR

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) met with Attorney General Bill McCollum to protest his showing of the documentary "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West" to all of his 500 employees.

CAIR demanded that AG McCollum repudiate the film Obsession and stop showing it, let CAIR "re-educate" those staff who saw Obsession, and let CAIR be part of an advisory group that can help law enforcement work with Muslims.

AG McCollum categorically rejected the first two requests and accepted the third with conditions.

According to Central Florida News 13, "The [CAIR] leaders complained the [Attorney] general has given what they call a prejudicial movie more play. State House majority leader Adam Hasner said that was exactly the point.

In April 2007, Hasner held a widely-attended viewing party of his own in a Tallahassee theater.

"It starts off by saying, 'This is not a movie about all Muslims.' It's a movie about radical Islam, and so I think it's very clear it's not propaganda, and I think the groups that are making this an issue are really showing themselves to be sympathizers with radical Islam," Hasner said.

In spite of it all, McCollum said he had no regrets. Far from hosting what critics call a propaganda movie hour, he argued it was directly connected to state business.

"It's the only film that I'm likely to show like that, but if another one comes along, we'll show it," McCollum said.

We are proud of the positions taken by our Florida political leadership on the showing of a documentary that presents a true and accurate picture of the evil posed to the world by radical Islam. Just read the stories or watch TV and you will see daily examples of radical Muslims killing innocent men, women and children.

In a comprehensive article by the CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. The Washington Times reports that since 2000 CAIR’s membership has dropped from 29,000 to 1,700. American Muslims have effectively rejected CAIR’s bid to be their leader. This speaks well for the American Muslim community and its readiness to distance itself from those linked to terrorism.

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